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Preliminary selection of packaging printing factory
   Edit£ºAdmin   Browse£º2389  Date£º2011-10-13 

First, we must first understand what they need to india.
See it all is not lost words laugh? Just want to say: "what do I India do not know?" Here is what to print printed products should be classified into either category. In the world is not a printer can print all prints, in all kinds of printing enterprises, engaged in publications (books, journals, newspapers, etc.) printing enterprises accounted for about 10% of the total number of enterprises in the printing, packaging and printing (trademark, woven label, hangtag, color box, such as, the enterprise is engaged in accounting for about 30%, the remaining is engaged in other printed matter printing (documents, data, charts, tickets, etc.). Therefore, before looking for printing factory, must be clear what kind of his prints belong to, so as to properly find suitable printing suppliers. Printing factory can provide what is actually determined by production equipment, such as newspaper printing manufacturers need to professional newspaper web offset printing machine; packaging printing factory in addition to printing machine also need other printing processing equipment, tag threading machine, tag eyeleting machine, tag labeling machine, such as die-cutting machine, beer machine), gold (silver, laser equipment, laminating machine, UV machine, visco box machine, and so on.
Two, clear positioning of the product quality requirements.
It is also critical, different quality requirements can choose what kind of suppliers. Most of the printing factory now will choose more advanced equipment, quality guarantee. For example: "like a garment factory clothing label (tag)", the former factory will choose and sent to the artificial wear rope, slower, tag ropes of different lengths, head of different sizes, waste production rate is higher. Now the clothing manufacturers will be asked to select automation equipment, for example: KAMGOLD wide engineering machinery production of automatic tag to wear line machine, automatic tag eyeleting machine etc., tag quality can be unified, appearance, to resolve the manual wear line trouble and production efficiency. It is really behind these two points, to ensure the long-term stable product quality.
Three, to print supplier more time, one more time.
At this point we see not feel very strange? How much time to suppliers are taken into account? In general, the printing plant has already arranged the production plan, such as not enough time, it is difficult to arrange the production. As the saying goes: "malt". Just imagine, give people time only a little, from time to time to urge, how can produce a good product? And time enough, of course that is slow, quality assurance. Most of the time, it is because this time is not enough for, leading to product quality problems. And the more reserved time, can choose the more opportunities, the product price is better, the product quality is guaranteed.

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