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Tag printing commonly used size and material introduction
   Edit£ºadmin   Browse£º2218  Date£º2016-01-29 

Tag printing commonly used size
What size are! To see what you posted on the product, what to display effect. There is no general tag spec. All is according to customers according to their product specifications to determine the size of the.
Speaking of this size that is really too much, that said, because the stickers are generally do it according to the requirements of customers, in accordance with the most conventional are generally do some labels, so there is little about 50*30mm, which is small is the most commonly used, big can, like posters, self-adhesive paste big long 1.1*0.8m, the not certain standards should be.
Tag printing paper commonly used material
The electronic label paper adhesive coated paper
A common material for the bar code printer, the thickness is about 80g. Widely used in supermarket, inventory management, clothing tag, industrial production line, and so on coated paper label large amount of local. Is an excellent foundation material thermal transfer printing.
Electronic thermal pressure-sensitive label paper
The disposal of the high heat sensitive sensitive layer of paper material and sensitive material can be suitable for low voltage print head, so on the print head wear minimal. Heat sensitive paper is devoted to electron says, the cash register of a hot beat paper, thermal paper, the most simple way to check: force with a nail on a piece of paper across, will leave a black scratches. Thermal paper suitable for cold storage, refrigerator shelf sign, the standards are fixed on the 40mmX60mm standard.
PET self-adhesive label paper electronic grade
PET is the abbreviation of polyester film English theory, it is a kind of polymer material. PET has good hard brittle, its color common sub sub white, silver, white and so on several. According to the thickness of 25 (1 =1um), some 50, some 75 times the standard, and the theory about begged manufacturers. The media function of PET excellent, excellent antifouling, scratch resistant, high temperature resistant function, it is widely used in a variety of rare occasions, such as mobile phone batteries, computer monitors, air conditioning compressor etc.. In addition, PET paper has good natural degradation, has caused the attention of manufacturers.
PVC self-adhesive label paper electronic grade
PVC is the abbreviation of ethylene English, it is also a kind of polymer material, common - white color, Pearl white. PVC and pet function near it than pet has excellent flexibility, feel soft and is often used in jewelry, jewelry, clocks, electronic industry, metal industry some high-grade occasions. But the degradation of PVC and less influence on environmental protection, some developed countries have begun to develop the alternative products.
These are some of the commonly used function specification and self-adhesive label paper tag.

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